Vision Racing Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Regarding the Vision Racing situation, Tony Johns sums up the course of events here, and he does so brilliantly. Of note is the fact that there’smovement now afoot. SAVE VISION RACING! is the new battle cry, replacing … well, whatever the old battle cry was. (RIP OUT THE FUEL KNOB!, perhaps?) I don’t know. Whatever it was, it wasn’t terribly important. Not like this. No, this is different.

Because in a just world, the most fan-friendly team can’t just up & vanish like a plume of ethanol vapor. It just can’t. Not if IndyCar is to remain viable. Of course, this certainly is not a just world, and there will always be those trying to change that. Which is what Vision’s PR pistol Pat Caporali is doing here. She’s our own little Che Guevara (sans the Marxism & mustache). And should she succeed, all of IndyCar succeeds — if only through not losing.

(We now continue with your regularly scheduled meaningless snark, already in progress.)



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19 responses to “Vision Racing Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

  1. Good job, Roy. All kidding aside (for once), this is an important “battle cry”. This isn’t about TG. This is about a hard-working group on individuals who have earned the right to be on the grid. Well said!

  2. I respect the heck outta George Philipps, so I’ll agree that we don’t want to see HARD-WORKING open-wheel mechanics out of work. And some would like to see American Ed Carpenter remain in the field of racers.
    But the Vision team as a whole is a joke, and the sponsor-seeker(s) and PR flack(s) should fall on their swords in shame rather than blame their misfortune on ‘the economy.’ — pathetic…

  3. Earnastine

    Shut up Brian! The Vision Team under TG was great for you guys as long as TG kept spending his families’ American $$$. Ryan Hunter Reay…the IZOD trader poster -boy for American Sports could have fought for Vision Racing and insisted that he be signed with Vision Racing…SInce T.G. was the guy who brought him in. The new All American Izod vision is tainted now with T&A and Apex-Brazil which is what the Izod people actually really wanted: IMO. Everybody who wants to support Vision Racing should wear Neon-yellow and wear Polo Ralph Lauren and also sing “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Now it looks like a Brazillian Carnival-Rodeo….with clowns! If anyone wants to blame T.G. for ruining American Open Wheel racing or the classic American Indy 500 they can still do the Portuguese Marengue-Hustle in Brazil in March!

  4. Earnastine

    FYI… IZOD… There will be No Go-Daddy Man Crunching at the Super Bowl because the all American NFL doesn’t like that brand for the American kids who are watching.

  5. Riss

    Mr McKay,

    What is it about the Vision team that you consider a joke? They were not competitive immediately out of the box, but over the past 5 years have become much better. On ovals, they were as fast if not faster than anyone who wasnt driving a red car. Last year they were a legitimate threat to win races. The last laps at Kentucky had myself, a decided fan of any underdog program, off the couch screaming Eddie home. It didnt work, but it was oh so close. And that is why we watch, right?

    In order to have a successful series, we need to teams that arent AGR, CGR and Penske. We NEED the KVs, Dreyer & Reinbold, NHLs, Coynes, and Visions to be successful. Once we start losing them, we wont have a sport to enjoy for much longer.

    An apology may be due to the great folks at Vision, who did nothing but their best to build a little team that wasnt all that bad. Not a joke at all.

  6. Hamilton Fish

    It sucks for everybody involved with that team, but this kind of thing is going to become the norm. Don’t be surprised if a couple NHL and NBA franchises, LPGA and AVP go belly up as well. Just how the 1990s saw expansion in all sports the 2010s are going to see retraction as a major theme. We’re not even to the half-way point of a secular bear market…there is unfortunately more pain for our economy and as a result some of our sports entities and/or franchises will cease to exist. Pretty simple supply and demand stuff.

  7. P Daddy

    Crazy idea, but how about Bausch and Lomb as a sponsor for Vision Racing? Seems to perfect a situation. Think of all the marketing ideas. We lost our “vision” until we found Bausch and Lomb… Too bad Scheckter isn’t the Vision driver then we could have lots of fun.

  8. Ron Ford

    Brian, you might consider having one less bowl of those grumpy flakes each morning. To classify the Vision Racing team as a “joke” was more than a bit over the top. Should we just have the red cars race and ask everyone elso to stay home so they don’t offend your perception of what a racing team should be?

  9. I have allready sent my letter of recommendation for the work they do on Twitter and Facebook that reaches an important demographic (the future and expendable income; tee shirts and hats mean more exposure). Not to mention Lauren and Ed have been open and welcoming. Regarding TG he has done some good (safer berrier, NASCAR, F1, nice to me) and some bad (duh!) but I wish him well and do not point my finger when there are three pointing back at me. Where was I? What impact (apologies to big Bill Simpson) did I have? Good luck everyone and may your cooler ice never melt!

  10. And, Hoover, don’t forget that when you are pointing your finger at somebody, and when those three fingers are pointing back at you, there’s always that pesky thumb, pointing up at God. Best just to put that hand back in your pocket, I always say.

  11. If this keeps up, we’ll soon see a day when we have only two or three teams — maybe five cars — with any remote shot at winning, and won’t that be exciting? Oh, wait …

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  13. izod9

    I had Vision racing over to clean my car and they did an excellent job of filling the tires with air and adjusting the stagger on my 69 Olds Cutlass. They did drink all the beer in the garage though.

  14. Neon18

    Patric Dempsey drove this weekend in the Rolex,since he is part owner of Vision,he must have some ideas for concrete direction for this team.

    To izod9- you left the toilet seat up and didn’t flush before you left…

  15. Dear Mr. Brian McKay,

    It’s unfortunate that you feel that “the Vision team as a whole is a joke, and the sponsor-seeker(s) and PR flack(s) should fall on their swords in shame rather than blame their misfortune on ‘the economy.’ — pathetic…”

    I just wanted to clarify that I, as the referred-to PR flack at Vision Racing, did not blame the team’s misfortune on “the economy” or politics of the federal or racing kind, nor anything else for that matter. If you got that sense from us, it was unintentional.

    The fact is, we don’t have sponsorship. We continue to seek some out. I assure you we are not the only team in this predicament. And with the help of fans, and the letters they felt they wanted to write on our behalf, we hope to do so in the near future.

    However, the team was made up of hard working individuals with families, pride in the job they did, and a love for the sport. If you think that is a joke, that is your opinion, but I assure you they didn’t think they or the team was a joke.

    As for any shame I might have … I think it is a shame that you didn’t get to know Vision Racing as many other have in the past little while. I felt it was my job to let everyone know how amazing the team is by giving them a glimpse of the inner workings and a chance to get to know each member. I had hoped that our social media efforts would have done that but I see now that I have failed as we didn’t reach you. And for that I am ashamed.

    We weren’t expecting to win over everyone, just those who recognized that we actually cared about sharing what makes racing special for those who work in it.

    So if you have that sword at the ready, please feel free to send it my way. But if you feel that you don’t have the funds to pay for shipping due to the economy, I have some suggestions on where you can keep it for me …

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  17. CurlingRacer

    Does anything else need to be said? Very eloquently put Pat. This is why we love you so much!

    As for those who THINK they know the first thing about Indy Car Racing and I don’t mean just Racing, think before you type.

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  19. To whom it may concern:

    Let it be known, before I too get oh so eloquently slammed publicly:

    1) I am a Champ Car fan (whatever that means, I think it means I used to have Mario Andretti posters on my bedroom walls as a kid growing up, and cried every-time they lost at Indy or Cleveland due to $3.25 failing parts or when the patriarch of the family piled into broken down cars at Toronto Grand Prixs and such etc. etc. Sad, I get choked up still…)

    2) I am flying the Ed Carpenter Twibbon (so cute) on my Twitter account (david_kovach)

    3) If I could buy a burial plot at Indy for my father, for me – we would both like to be buried there. It means that much to us.

    4) I have written Tony George’s Vision Racing a letter of reference, but haven’t sent it (yet).

    4a) This is a miracle in and of itself.

    5) I recently devoured everything I could find via Google on the “as reported” history of the George family I could read. It was educational to say the least.

    5a) I wasn’t just looking to unearth how bad it might really be at the 2010 George Hulman Thanksgiving
    dinner table, but if I am recommending something or someone I want to know who are the people really behind the entity. I never have really understood.

    6) Empathy rules.

    But, you know what? I had a Vision recently. And you know what I have determined?

    1) Ed Carpenter reeks of just being a good soul and human being, an almost boy next door kind of kid you just want to see go take a beating to Team Penske or Target Ganassi Racing, even though we are suppose to think he was handled a set of silver spoons. He wasn’t.

    2) I disliked Tony George because of merely how he has always been portrayed. I think I also assumed that he was given a rather large silver-spoon and opportunity in life financially and otherwise, and really believed “everything I read must be true about this guy, this family, ick, thanks for ruining my sport, wah wah wah!” and that these people are all the same types – you know? The merely, self-serving, I am going to take my ball home now kind of people that really do deserve to get what they have coming to them etc.

    Most of my understanding of Tony George is based on what was written or said about him through the media.

    However, in a world where we love to hate on people, I could see that maybe the family structure Tony George grew up in and in his twenties and beyond really contributed to maybe some questionable choices he made in life though mostly I am speaking of the ones related to the sport of racing. But, you know what? I could see if I take what I found and read about many things that have gone on in the course of his life, I don’t know… I could really see something way beyond what has been painted of him in the media. And what we have been led to believe. Now, where there is smoke there is a Safer barrier… but, no one is perfect.

    We should always give people second, third or fourth chances (especially at Indy). And you know what, Tony has two great kids (as far as how they appear to me), who are trying to carry a torch comprised of a bunch of things that are 100% not of their own doing. And the only reason this has to be said, is fans and supporters like me, need to give them an opportunity to lead the charge and take the fight to the teams I really want to see lose and try to win me as a fan. When someone brings a new idea to the sport (embracing of social media) I am all ears, all hearts and all in support of them – just like that.

    So, this Vision I had was that of one where an underdog of the “Jim Guthrie Wins at Phoenix” proportions rises like a phoenix (I know, cliché) and with all stacked against them including the fact they are a family breaking apart from their extended family all too keep racing… all to just get to the track. If they were sitting on large nest eggs, I don’t believe Pat Caporali would of incited a letter writing campaign out of a winter boredom.

    The thing we share with the Georges, with Pat, with Robin Miller, is that they like each of us, in our own ways, we have been lucky enough to be born loving on this sport of open-wheel racing.

    Now, I know what it feels like to get slammed by someone within the professional side of the Indycar community – namely the then sponsor “acquirer” for Walker Racing back a few years ago. Clearly, I or my idea rubbed him the wrong way with a concept I was trying to prove:

    Suffice it to say, they didn’t want to meet to talk about the concept even, and they never really made it to the grid (except for when Tony George partially bankrolled PT via WR to run him up at ED), so other than knowing “he went to school with Robin Miller” this gentleman that worked for Walker ripped me privately in an email. I would of hated for that to be a slam from the well-oiled keyboard of one Pat Caporali in the open public. I mean, we are all here, because no matter what, we love this sport of open-wheel racing.

    It collects a passionate group of people and people go on to say things and so vaguely as to why I would like to share a quote:

    “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

    These are passionate times, days and weeks. I know most of my anger (in life) is because my beloved childhood memories and sport was torn apart, then sewn back together with Scotch tape, and basically continuously gets ripped apart again and again and again. Ahhh, but enter #IZODIndycar for real now. 🙂

    So, to just leverage one’s ability to write better than someone else (no, I am not talking about myself here) and outclass them, I don’t know… I hate to be the truth here, and I do not know who Brian McKay is or what he has done other than write a comment on a blog that didn’t really explain a view or a point, he was just being typical blog comment like…

    To be on point here would be for Vision Racing to stay focused on this –

    Ed Carpenter needs a full time team that can run him. He needs the funding to go race and take on the big dogs this year. I realize there is a family legacy here at stake, but I don’t think responding directly to comments here is actually getting the sponsor acquisition process signed sealed and delivered aka done. Nor is it really maintaining the Vision of character I sort of hoped was behind the Tony George Vision Racing squad.

    Or is it? I agree any whining of the economy is lost on me, too. And it won’t win you corporate or small business partners. Period. You need fresh value creating ideas. Powered by fans. I love that idea. Still.

    But, I heard Sarah Fisher just moved into a larger shop and is expanding still. Now, maybe she is the model reference model of character we all should aspire towards as I don’t see her wasting time here outwitting comments that maybe 189 people even read.

    Nope, she has gotten the business done to go race and more business done over the years to legitimately add a second car even at select races.

    I fly my Ed Carpenter Twibbon proudly and he is the Vision. And the future of the sport as I see it.

    So, let’s stay focused on him and keeping him in it. And focus less on taking down each other in a sports world where that is the absolute normal thing to do – fight amongst each other.

    For We are Indy, as I literally have hung up my hatchet and hope that others have to and we can move beyond family or personal politics in our sport and just focus on the matter at hand – keeping talented drivers in seats and keeping them in the sport. To take the ass whooping fight to the real silver spooners over at Penske and Ganassi…

    Whose with me?

    Best to you each –

    David Kovach

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